Meet Ricardo, Dublin's cleaner of the month!

Ricardo is one of our superstar cleaners in Dublin. Customers have never had a bad word to say about him. We decided to catch up with Ricardo and find out more about him and his time in Dublin.

So Ricardo what brought you over to the Emerald Isle?

I’ve been in Dublin for over a year now and I still can’t get over how different Dublin is to Venezuela, especially the weather! I’m used to the sun all the time so hopefully we will see more sun as summer isn’t too far away. I came here was to study English, Dublin gives me the opportunity to study, work and really focus on improving my level of English.

 Not sure if you will be seeing any of that sun, tell me what do you like most about Dublin?

I really like the fact that Dublin is small and safe. I can travel everywhere by bike so this keeps me nice and healthy. I love the odd Guinness and I am really enjoying this pint right now. The people here are also so nice and friendly and I think Irish and Venezuelan people have similar personalities. We both like to have a good time and laugh a lot!


That’s true, we all love to have the craic! So, how did you find out about

Well I was looking for a job to pay for my studies and rent. I worked as a rickshaw driver for about a week but it really wasn’t for me. The hours were very late and cycling around in the rain I was freezing. Thats when my girlfriend suggested that I apply for a job with

She had been working with for a few months before me and told me only positive things. She told me about the flexibility that offers and it seemed like a great opportunity to me.


 Wow thats’s great and why did you think would be the right work for you?

Well when I first came to Dublin I was living with a host family in Dublin 15. Part of the arrangement there was that I cleaned the house. I then asked my host family were there any people they knew looking for a cleaner. Over the next couple of months I picked up a number of houses that I would clean on a regular basis. I saw that my customers were always happy with my work and that I was doing a really good job for them. I loved my customers but I found it difficult to find customers. does all that hard work for me and I can get on with what I do best…cleaning!

” Ricardo’s work is to a very high standard. He’s the best cleaner I’ve ever had. He works on his own initiative and needs no instruction. He is also very personable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending Ricardo.”

★★★★★ – Shauna

Great! And what do you like about working with Ricardo?

I love the fact that I can chose my own hours to work. With other jobs you have to work certain shifts. For me this is perfect and I only get job offers when I am not studying so work and school do not clash. I really like that the jobs I get are close to my house so I can travel everywhere on my bike. This cuts out transport costs and at the same time I get exercise in. It is also a huge bonus for me when I refer applicants on to work with hassle. I just received a voucher and can’t wait to get something nice for myself!


So what’s next for Ricardo then?

 I think I’ll stay in Ireland for another year and improve my English further. I have a degree in International Trade, so having a high level of English will be very important to me in the future. I will definitely keep working for as it is just the perfect job for me. I also have big plans to travel around Europe and see what I can while I’m here.

 Well done on all the great work you have done with and thanks so much for coming to speak with me today, fancy another pint?

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