Meet Geraldine – the mama of!

One of my favourite things about working with, is without a doubt getting to meet all our cleaners.

I’m really lucky because I get to interview our Dublin cleaners and find out all about them – it’s great fun! So recently, I had the awesome task of catching up with Geraldine, who is not only one of our best cleaners in Dublin, but our cleaner-referrer-extraordinaire!

Geraldine describes herself as the mama of (which we love!) and it seems she’s definitely gunning for the queen of too. I can definitely see her taking that crown. This week, I caught up with her to find out more about her (and give her her referral-extraordinaire-prize!).


Q: Hello Geraldine! Let’s start easy shall we? Can you tell us why you joined

I really liked cleaning but was finding it hard to get customers in my area that I could trust. I didn’t really know where to start looking for jobs in cleaning but I found in a simple google search. After heading to the  interview I really liked everything they showed me and knew it was a great place for me to get regular customers that suited my schedule.


Q: Ahh, lovely. What is your favourite thing about

Everything, I mean I really do love I think that it is a very transparent company from the word go. The payments are made very clear, the online system is easy to use and I know when I’ll be getting paid as I am in control of it.

Another thing that I love about is that I can work around my time, its really important to me to keep improving my English so I never skip my classes, at least with I just receive texts that work around my class times. I found that working with has even improved my English, especially speaking over the phone with the guys who work for They are all so friendly, helpful and I really appreciate them being on the other end of the phone when I need them.

Q: That’s great to hear. So as the referral-extraordinaire, can you tell us why you referred people to

Well of course for all the reasons above. My friends are really happy with me because I told them they’ll have a good experience with and so far everything has being going really well for them. They are really glad to have found work that fits around school too. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place that pays you a decent wage, with you know what you’re getting.

Q: How are your friends getting on with, do they like it?

My Friends are finding fantastic! I mean at parties and in school our general conversations begin around My husband is always laughing at me saying we’ve created a bit of a family. Which is somewhat true I guess, I mean they are always around my house passing on tips to one another and we even help each other with stuff online that some of the newer cleaners may not understand.


Q: What would you say to others who want to recommend their friends?

I am a bit of talker so I can’t help but tell people everywhere I go!! I tell people everywhere, in school, at English meetups, on Facebook etc. I tell  people at house partiess so much so that my friends reckon I should hold a party that is similar to a tupperware party.  I sometimes find myself talking to an audience of people at a party about my experience at


Q: Haha, that’s brilliant. So tell us a few secrets, do you have any cleaning tips or secret weapons?

Well I don’t want to give away all of my secrets but I will tell you one or two.

I like to use a little toothbrush around the taps on the sinks and on the shower heads, get all that grime eliminated. Makes them look brand new.
After cleaning all the taps in the bathroom and kitchen, I go over them with a special dry cloth to shine them up. My customers are always particularly happy with that one.

My regular customers sometimes ask me to change their linen, I sometimes leave little chocolates on their pillows just like a hotel.I take my job seriously and put a lot of effort and pride into my work – hence why I like to add an extra little touch for my customers.

Finally, I have a bit of a trademark I like to leave in peoples houses – it may sound silly to you but I always like to leave my mark because I know I do a good job. Basically I get the gel toilet clips and leave them for each one of my customers, I started doing it at the beginning for one or two customers and then I just became a habit. I like to think it as the ‘Geraldine stamp’!!

Q: Haha, I love the idea of the ‘Geraldine stamp’, that’s a great idea! Thank you so much for coming in to chat today, it’s been great.

Not only is Geraldine the mama of, a candidate for the queen of and our referral-champion in January, she also helped us out with flyering around Dun Laoghaire last week! Friday!

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