Meet the winner of our 'Favourite thing about Christmas' Comp!

*Roll up* The time is here! It’s time to find out who won our ‘Favourite thing about Christmas’ Competition that we launched earlier in the Christmas Countdown!

We’re big fans of this question, because everyone has their own special / odd reasons for why they love Christmas so much. Some people love the food, others love spending time with the family and some just like the presents (hey, we don’t judge!). That’s why we wanted to run this competition, to see all your great pics and see what makes Christmas ‘Christmas’ for you.

So now that we’ve got the ‘why’ out of the way, let’s meet our winner – Paul! As good as all our entries were, we couldn’t love this entry any more. Who doesn’t love elf costumes, fancy dress and “making Chrristmas magic for kids”? Well, they do say Christmas is about giving to others. So congrats to Paul who wins himself a £50 Amazon voucher – whoop!


But we’re suckers for Christmas (if you couldn’t tell by our Christmas Countdown) so we wanted to share a few other great entries! Like this one from Clare whose favourite thing about Christmas is having all her family around her…and we loved her picture too.


And finally, Suzanne, who shared this great pic from around the dinner table. This is basically *all* things Christmas; crackers, bad jokes, family, party poppers… and we love it!


Thanks to everyone who got involved! We had a blast looking through all your pictures – we hope you had fun too!