Meet The Woman Who’s Left The Corporate Life Behind To Become Her Own Boss In The Cleaning Industry

All of the cleaners working through the Helpling platform have different life stories. We’re here to introduce you to the people behind the profile pictures. Their stories may surprise you, as they did us. Prepare to meet a five-star business woman who is in charge of her own schedule and who’s so successful she’s become a real star amongst her clients. If you like this story or have met someone as talented as Melanie let us know in the comments below.

Meet Melanie, one of the most sought-after cleaners working through our platform. Having registered with in October 2014, Melanie has found the platform to be the perfect mix between trust and flexibility.


She’s her own boss and she loves it.  After working for more than 16 years in Human Resources and Events, she’s taken all she knows has managed to learn every aspect of this work and take these findings into her new-found, successful career. Melanie doesn’t feel the pressure of the corporate life anymore, a life she left behind four years ago.

She admits that corporate life can be “intense” at times, with long hours spent in the office but also fulfilling. Melanie has gained the necessary skills and experience to make a comeback tomorrow – should she choose it, but after discovering, she isn’t considering a return to that type of life anytime soon.

Flexibility and full control of her career are the factors that motivate her to provide the best possible work for her customers. Now she gets to do her things her way, from planning holidays, taking care of her family and working through our platform to choose the amount of work she wants to do.

Still loyal to her previous corporate career, she often reconnects with friends she’s made at her past job, friends she’s got for life.

Her Work Speaks For Itself

Melanie is very selective with her customers as most of them live in the same area as she does. She has been working for them ever since registering on our platform two years ago, talk about long-term relationships! She feels that all of her customers “are great and memorable”. Her work ethic is superb and Melanie advises future cleaners that “honesty and fair-play have to be mutual” for the customer-cleaner relationship to work for both parties.

At work, she usually listens to her favourite music on the radio. Melanie feels that her cleaning work provides a good little workout.  

The home clean provided by her is stellar and her customers can’t stop raving about her. Recently, a long-standing customer left the following comment “Melanie is trustworthy, flexible and reliable. She is very punctual and honest. She always uses her own initiative to get things done to a high standard”.

Her work speaks for itself. Always punctual, always willing to go the extra mile, Melanie has retained a loyal base of customers who always seek to book her for their home cleans.

She can offer plenty of advice to local cleaners considering registering on our platform, but in her short and concise style she’ll say: “only do the work that you’d do in your own home”.

Life In London


Born and raised in East London, Melanie is still very fond of the area and its inhabitants. She’s seen the changes and the harsh development in Hackney: “nothing is the same there anymore and kids can’t play in the streets like they used to, it’s sad, but this is our reality now.”

She loves the city, but feels like “the sense of community is gone”. She has since relocated to Richmond, where she lives with her partner and her daughter.

Melanie tells us about her degree in Art History and her passion for art and exhibitions. She knows the best places to visit in the capital and is always available for reviews and suggestions on which exhibitions and museums are worth visiting on the weekend.

Melanie’s Other Passions 

As well as being a successful cleaner on our platform, and an accomplished woman whose career spreads across 16 years, Melanie has also got some hidden talents that took us by surprise.

During our conversation at the Helpling Q, she revealed an interesting fact about her life:  she’s also a “mystery diner”. What does entail? “Basically plenty of eating!” she says with a smile. Melanie goes out and dines at certain restaurants which she later reviews for different clients. She also reviews hotels, restaurants and other services. 

When she’s not judging other people’s food, Melanie is a dab in the kitchen herself! She is specialisesd in oriental food, but also excels at Italian cuisine as well as Asian food. She leans toward a healthy diet, so Melanie makes sure only to use organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

With a great business head and strong experience in the health industry, Melanie’s ready to tackle another opportunity: launching a soup recipe next year!

We wish Melanie the best of luck with all her projects and hope to hear more incredible things coming from her in the future!

Lastly, because we trust her recommendations, we’ve asked her to suggest great places to eat in London. Here’s what her top three picks were:

  • Jerk Shack
  • Maison Souss
  • Roof Gardens

Melanie is just one of the fabulous cleaners that works through our platform. To find local and trusted cleaners like Melanie simply pop in your postcode below!