Nothing should come between you and your food!

This month at, we’re all about organising your home! And what better place to start than with your fridge? because let’s face it. Nothing should come between you and your food, right?

We’ve come up with 3 easy ways to make the most out of your fridge;

Line shelves with easy to clean mats

If you hate cleaning the fridge shelves, then just cover them with wipe clean mats or plastic wrap. So when any spillages occur, you can just peel the mats off and start again, either that or you can ask your lovely cleaner to give the shelves a wipe down!





Organise your fridge with baskets

Keep order in your fridge by storing your items in baskets, making it easy to slide out the items you’re after.

fridge- before



fridge- after


Label the baskets

Pretty self-explanatory- some examples of labels could include ‘condiments’ or ‘eat me first’

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