Our 5 Favourite Pieces of Furniture


Here at Hassle.com, we’re always thinking about the home, from cleaning, to inspiration for home improvements. 

So, with that in mind, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite pieces of furniture, perfect for the home, or office.

We’re starting off with these kooky Hole in the Floor” shelving units! It’s almost as if your floor has decided to swallow up all those books you’ve been promising yourself you’ll read, but never do! Or, as if you have bookcases mysteriously rising from your floor? Either way, they are sure to be a great talking piece.



Don’t let the simplicity of this desk fool you, the Office Olivia is a masterpiece of minimalist engineering. It’s clever design features a hidden well that lets you conceal the mass jungle of cables that can occur, it also allows you to snake cables through its legs (snazzy, eh!).


We love the raw simplicity of this three material coffee table. The glass insert gives the calming effect of a stream running through a canyon. We think the tranquility of this table would be perfect to rest your Sunday coffee on!



Okay, this one’s not strictly for people but we just couldn’t resist. How happy is that dog? Starting from the universal truth that a dog’s favourite place to lie is on your best clothes, the cool Torafu Architects from Japan have created a dog hammock. Just assemble from flatpack and stretch over your dogs favourite item of (your!) clothing and there you have it!

conor blog 4.5 dog chair

conor blog 4 dog table


Picture yourself sinking into this comfortable ‘50s armchair with a nice glass of whisky after a long day… Don Draper Madmen fantasies aside, this is a beautiful chair handmade with mango wood from Swoon’s Rajasthan workshop in India.

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Ok, so this piece is totally out of our imaginary budget, but we can dream! Sure, its sleek wooden design is very stylish, but let’s be honest, how cool is the fact it’s a giant Nintendo games controller! This is perfect for any adult wanting to pretend they’ve grown up.