Our cleaner – turned recruiter – catches up with her customer

Katya has been working with Hassle.com since December 2014. 

In May she joined us full time as a recruiter here at Hassle.com! Katya caught up with her customer Daniel (who wishes to remain anonymous) to find out what it’s like being a Hassle.com customer. We’ll let Katya take it from here…

I joined the Hassle.com platform as a cleaner in December when I was looking for some extra hours alongside my hotel job. In April of this year, I decided that I wanted to apply to become a recruiter; Hassle.com helped to connect me with amazing customers in my area, and I wanted to help other cleaners have the same experience (and success) I had. 

I have met some great customers along the way, some of whom I still clean for now when I find a spare minute. I managed to catch up with Daniel, one of my customers, so he could share his experience of using Hassle.com.


Q: Hey Daniel, thanks so much for catching up with me. First things first, how did you hear about Hassle.com?

Daniel: I actually heard of Hassle.com through one of my clients! They had a promo code for Hassle.com so I thought, why not? My job keeps me very busy, so the idea of being able to free up my time by getting a cleaner was really appealing.

At the time I needed a professional, reliable cleaner but without any of the stress of organising it. Hassle.com takes away all the administrative burdens of hiring a cleaner yourself. It’s also so flexible and the fact it can all be done online makes it even better. I definitely don’t have the time to keep track of people on the phone, and Hassle.com takes away all this stress!

Q: Now that we’ve managed to free up some of your time, what do you like to do with that extra time each week?

Daniel: I’m a Business consultant in Investment Banking which is pretty stressful, so on my days off, I like to relax! I often go sailing down the channel, sometimes I like to just book a last minute city break.

It’s so easy to get anywhere from London too, I love the fact in 2/3 hours, I can be in a totally different city.  Most weekends however I like to do what most people do, binge watch movies and TV shows.

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Q: Sounds like a good weekend to me! So how would you describe your experience with Hassle.com?

Daniel: When I first started I had my doubts about using a cleaner; can you trust them? Will they clean the way I like? When I expressed these concerns to the Customer Service Team at Hassle.com, I felt I was being listened to.

The team at Hassle.com have always been very quick at getting back to me, showing the quality of the service provided. I have also been matched with you, who is proactive, reliable, timely and friendly!

Q: Haha, thank you for the compliment Daniel, you’re too kind! Finally, I’d love to know if you would recommend Hassle.com?

Daniel: I really would. I value reliability and consistency and it’s nice to see a regular, friendly face which in-turn, helps me build up trust in the service. I’ve recommended you to all my friends, which is something I don’t do often.

 Brilliant, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to me today Daniel, it’s been lovely to chat – as always!