Our great cleaners polish up their skills!

Here at Hassle.com, we love our cleaners. Like full-blown, mad love for them. Let’s be honest, we couldn’t do it without them. They’re a huge part of what makes Hassle.com so special. They deliver outstanding cleans, time and time again and leave our customers (and us!) in awe.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with South Thames College in Tooting, so we can give our cleaners the chance to get their NVQ and City & Guilds Level 1 Award in Practical Cleaning Skills – all on us!


We want to say a big ol’ Hassle.com congratulations to our lovely cleaners Amanda, Linda, Miriam and Pauline who got their NVQs in cleaning. Boom!

We want to give our cleaners something a bit extra, and to give them the chance to brush up or improve their skills so they can be even more extreme-expert cleaners! As well as learning some tips and tricks, they also get to meet other cleaners and share stories!

We’ve already had some cleaners complete the course and they had a great day. I even got to spend the day on the cleaning course last week and learned a ton. I thought I was already a great cleaner, turns out, I really wasn’t! I was put through my paces, but now I can *officially* say, I’m an expert cleaner.

I had the chance to chat with all the cleaners on the course and they really enjoyed it! One of our cleaners, John, who attended the course found it really useful, saying that “the course is a great way to get a formal qualification and I’d definitely recommend it as you can learn more theoretical knowledge about cleaning.”

20150415_151436 (2)

Iustina, Ana Maria, Luz, Rita, Tunde and our very own Lee also got their NVQs!


Since we starting the course we have had 130 cleaners attend, and pass with flying colours. Each cleaner that attends the course, receives a badge on their profile, letting all future customers know that they have the qualification.

The course is totally free and a great way for our cleaners to boost their C.V. (and your Hassle.com profile). If you’re a cleaner wanting to find out more, email us at [email protected] if you would like to take part.

So let’s here it for all our great Hassle.com cleaners, and here’s to a lot more NVQs throughout 2015!