Our guide to surviving Boxing Day sales!

You’ve probably been busy panic buying gifts or enjoying German markets for a few weeks now, but it’s time to get down to business. You need to prepare for those dreaded Boxing day sales, here are our top tips:

1. Wake up early (or do an all nighter if you’re brave!)

Set a series of alarms, this day is going to be hectic and it starts at dawn. Be first in line and you’ll get all that Santa missed on your wish list!

2. Evils at the ready

You might bagsy an item from afar but you’ll come across someone who selfishly cuts across you to lay their hands on the very item you’ve been flirting with! The cheek! Let’s show ‘em who’s boss, rehearse those evils!

3. Prepare for war

With bargains come crowds and with crowds come a serious invasion of your personal space. Mark your territory. Get pumped with our top picks to get you in the mood whether it’s belting Destiny’s Child’s Survivor or gearing up with Eye of The Tiger, you’ll be ready to elbow anyone who comes near you.

4. Watch the pennies!

Do you really need your fifth pair of stiletto’s or brown brogues? So you’ve found a bargain but don’t fall for the trap, get what you need and get out. Seriously, get right out and your bank balance will be forever thankful for it!

5. Lie in, have a cuppa and shop from bed

So if any the above didn’t appeal to you, then we’ve got just the thing. You guessed it, shop online! Fire up that iPad and get clicking. You’d be hard pushed to find a better idea than bagging a bargain without the early morning, long queues or masses of people brushing past you. We don’t blame you for taking this option, it’s a winner for us too!