Our top tips to help free up your time

Benjamin Franklin once said that “time is money” and as a self-employed cleaner, this couldn’t be more relevant.

When you’re your own boss, it can be hard to figure out exactly how much time you should devote to work and play and this is a struggle all our cleaners know too well. We at Hassle.com believe in making time count and with our top time-keeping hacks, you can turn those lost hours spent aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed into money in your back pocket!

1. RescueTime



We’ve all been there before, you log onto Facebook to quickly check your notifications and then before you know it, it’s five hours later and you’re doing your fiftieth BuzzFeed quiz to find out which Friends character you most resemble.

RescueTime is a free app you can download to your mobile device or desktop that tracks exactly how much time you spend on various websites to give you a better idea on how much time you’re actually wasting on your social media addiction. You’re then able to use the app features to set yourself goals so you can use your time more productively and clock in those working hours.

2. Alarms



Now here’s a tip straight from our cleaners! If you’re scheduled for a three hour clean of a customer’s home, it’s always best at the start of the clean to take a tour of the house. Then figure out how much time needs to be spent on each task and set yourself alarms on your phone to let you know when to finish your task and move on to the next one. This minimises the chance of rushing through your work and doing a poor job. This simple hack has saved our cleaners a lot of time and makes your day run just a little bit more smoothly.

3. Keep a Schedule



Buy yourself a calendar or use the scheduling application on your smartphone or computer to plan out your day. Check it every morning so you’re fully prepared for the day ahead so there are no unwelcome surprises. Research has shown, writing down what you’ll be doing the next day will make you more relaxed and efficient the next day. A great tool for this is your scheduling feature on your very own Hassle.com account. Log in to see the jobs you have scheduled and make your week work for you.

4. Get Up Early



Give yourself a jump-start on the day by waking up an hour earlier! The early hours are usually a lot more peaceful and you can properly plan out  your day. Instead of rushing out of the house with a slice of toast hanging out of your mouth, you could sit and enjoy your breakfast in peace, before all the chaos of the day begins.

5. Allocate Down-Time



Set yourself an allotted time to relax and chill out (you deserve it) and stick to it! By allocating yourself your own ‘me’ time you remove the temptation to procrastinate and it gives you the refreshment you need to get on with the things you need to do, whether that’s accepting more jobs or getting on with your own personal projects! Headspace is an awesome app that helps you destress after a long day at work, even doing 3 minutes in the morning or evening is said to help boost your nervous system and decrease stress. We all have 3 minutes right?

So here you have it, follow these simple hacks and you’re already on the way to becoming an energetic and more productive you. Do you have any tips on how to improve time-keeping? We would love to hear them so drop us an email at [email protected]