Some lovin’ for Damaso, our cleaner of the month!

It’s our favourite time of the month; the time when we get to announce our cleaner of the month!

This month, our cleaner-extraordinaire is Damaso. After only a month of working with us, Damaso has proved himself not only to be an expert cleaner, but he’s also scooped up five star reviews across the board!


We invited Damaso into our office to chat with him, find out a little bit more about what makes our cleaning expert tick (and to give him his bubbles!).

Hi Damaso! Thanks for coming in to see us today. Firstly, congratulations on winning cleaner of the month!

Thank you very much, it was a bit of a surprise to win.

It’s our pleasure, you definitely deserved it! So, we’d love to know a bit more about you; you originally hail from Venezuela right? What brings you to Dublin?

Yes, I’m from Venezuela originally. I moved here a few months ago to improve my English. Dublin is a paradise to me and is a land of opportunity, I’m so glad I moved here as there is so much to do!

When you’re not cleaning up a storm, what do you do on your days off?

I like to hang out with friends and listen to some cheesy pop music! I love to just plug in my earphones and kick back.

Well, you should definitely check out our Spotify playlist for a good dose of cheesy pop! What do you like the most about our beautiful city then?

I think for me, it’s the people of Dublin that make it so great! They’re so friendly and make me feel right at home. Also the food here is brilliant. There’s nothing I enjoy more than tucking into a cooked Irish breakfast before I start my busy work day.

On the subject of food, do you cook yourself? I see you brought us a lovely coconut cake* today!

I love Mexican food! I can make a mean burrito and the best Tacos you’ve ever tasted! As for the cake, I made this for you to say thank you for being such an amazing presence in Dublin. A lot of cleaners here (including myself) love because you guys are so honest and provide us with a lot of opportunities when it comes to jobs.

We really appreciate that Damaso, we love you too! Do you have any helpful advice for our new cleaners?

I think the best advice I can give new cleaners is, to always remember that as long as you take pride in your work and do a great job then you can’t go wrong! has always been reliable and they are always there for me when I need them. I guess it’s just up to us to represent you guys in the best way we can.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you so much for coming in to see us Damaso, have a great day!

*As big cake lovers here at, we must admit that we did manage to eat the entire coconut cake before anyone managed to take a picture of Damaso’s cake in all its glory! But we can tell you that it was delicious…

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