Survival of the coolest

Today the office is HOT! So hot in fact that our office seems to have decreased in size, we think most of our co-workers just never managed to make it back from lunch due to heat exhaustion. The remaining survivors have spent the last 10 minutes fighting over a fan with one leg!

As a result of this irrational heat induced behaviour, we were inspired to come up with a list of top tips and ideas to help you get through these sweltering conditions.


You’re always told to keep well hydrated in this heat, but plain water can get a little boring (can’t it?). So, why not spruce up your boring water with this Slushie Maker? You could be the envy of all your co-workers with this cool electric blue refreshment maker.

Be taken back to your 90’s childhood here.

Firebox slushie maker


If the slushie maker is just a little too garish for your taste and you’re not big into sharing, then this USB desk fridge could be right up your street.

You can find it here.



Ice lollies are a staple in this hot weather and when they can made in just 10 minutes flat, is there really a need for any other food groups? Just be warned, you may have a struggle on your hands as to who gets to eat the other two!

Firebox lolly


We may have just found the best portable devices since the iPhone! Ok, so maybe we exaggerate a little bit, but these mini air conditioning units might be the answer to keeping you cool this summer!

Feel the breeze here.



Is there a better feeling than being sprayed with cold water on a hot day? The geniuses at Evian certainly don’t think so, they’ve canned their water so you can enjoy a quick spritz whenever, and wherever you like!

Get refreshed here.



If all of our suggestions still aren’t enough to keep you cool, then why not start a massive office water fight, or suggest your office invest in this…



If you have any tips we’ve not mentioned, please write them in the comments below and good luck with your summer survival!

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