The 'Fab Four' websites for cleaning tips

Due to the wonders of modern technology, working as a cleaner isn’t the ‘lonely’ job a lot of people think it to be! Nowadays, tech-savvy cleaners from all over the world are coming together through social media apps such as Tumblr, Pinterest and (of course) Twitter to share cleaning tips, life hacks and useful ideas that you can apply to your own work and daily life!

We have kindly pulled together a list of the ‘fab four’ websites/social media platforms that we consider to be the best when it comes to providing you with stellar ideas on cleaning and connecting with other like-minded individuals.


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Pinterest is an online platform where you can make virtual pin-boards that you can personalise by pinning images and links to articles and news stories from all over the web!

This is fantastic for cleaners because you can organise and see all of the handy cleaning tips and advice that you’ve found online, all in one place! And if you’re looking for a bit of cleaning inspiration, then take a look at these popular cleaning-themed, Pinterest boards.


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A blogging and social media platform that’s not just for hipsters! You can follow and read a plethora of helpful and hilarious blogs written by cleaners just like yourself.

Tumblr is great for finding small, online communities full of cleaning fanatics looking to gain and share useful cleaning advice that you can apply to your own everyday work.


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Arguably the ‘Beyoncé’ of social media, Twitter is a social- media platform where users can send out and receive short, 140-character word messages called ‘tweets’.

You’re certain to find thousands of cleaners on here, tweeting out helpful tips and sharing some brilliant anecdotes! Simply enter a hashtag into the search bar followed by “cleaningtips” or “cleaninganecdotes” and you can find a goldmine of information!

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It wouldn’t be a ‘fab-four’ without our very own blog now would it? We regularly update our site with interview pieces that give a great insight into the daily lives of cleaners and fantastic ideas on how you can become the best cleaner you can be whilst working with us!

Whether it’s catching up with our cleaner of the month or finding the best places to visit in London, our blog has something for everyone.