The Grinch's Guide to Christmas

We’re not all elated when we hear the sounds of bells and smell of mulled wine. For those of you who aren’t blessed with the Christmas spirit, we’ve come up with our guide to successfully completing the marathon that is December.
We’ve compiled a list to help you get through this Christmas season and into the new year without a hitch. Read on to solve all of your Christmas woes…
No amount of mulled wine will make this bearable.
Problem: Christmas shopping sucks. As if going shopping at any other time of year wasn’t bad enough, Christmas crowds make it 10x worse.
Solution: Be smart about it, avoid the crowds and get everything online. Our friends over at Trouva can help you find unique gifts from the UK’s best independent boutiques, all online. They even have a ‘1-hour’ delivery option for all of you last-minute shoppers.
Problem: Secret Santa. You’ll without a doubt end up in a Secret Santa, whether through work or friends. You’ll be left thinking ‘how the hell am I to know what Jillian from accounts wants for Christmas?!’.
Solution: We’ve all been there, aimlessly wandering around TK Maxx looking for something to jump out and grab us. The trick here is to use a nifty online gift finder that gives you suggestions for gifts based on the person. Check it out here.
Problem: Bad presents. That new iPad you wanted? Forget it, say hello to a Lynx aftershave gift set (yep, another one) and a WH Smith gift card (yep, that’s still a thing).
Solution: Luckily, we’ve already covered this. Take a look at our guide on ‘how NOT to react to a bad present‘ for some inspiration.
 Christmas must keep these guys alive, right?
Problem: Stuck at a relatives house. Aunty Noris’s house with her 4 very old cats, who you see the same time every year and she’s not even your real aunty!
Solution: The get out! Can’t find a clear exit route? Then we suggest passing your time by watching Hasslers confess in our HassleHQ ‘Christmas confessions‘ booth!
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