The perfect winter clean: 8 tips to make sure your home’s ready for the cosiest time of the year!

It is a common misconception that proper house clean only needs to take place in spring. After all, there are more than enough reasons to have a thorough winter clean, as well. We all know that a thorough clean takes time and effort – so, what should you pay special attention to? Helpling, London’s highest rated online marketplace for home services, has 8 tips for you to make sure your home is ready for winter.

Winter is the new Spring! 

As we know, a British winter is unpredictable. Constantly changing weather conditions and varying temperatures, means we often carry a lot of dirt into our houses. With most of us now working from home, having a clean house is even more important than usual to make it as comfortable and cosy as possible.

Tip 1: Use a checklist! 

Going through your home room by room is the most effective way to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned. Try to use room checklists to make sure you don’t forget all the little corners that really need special attention. Never vacuum or mop first, these are always the last tasks on the list!

Tip 2: Get the heating ready! 

A warm home is a cosy home. Before cranking up the heating, make sure you open the windows to let in the fresh air while you clean. 

Thorough cleaning of your radiators is also important to allow heat to circulate properly. Would you have guessed that dust trapped in the radiator can reduce the heating power by up to 30%? A neat trick is to use a damp cloth and some vinegar-based cleaner to wipe down the radiator. Afterwards, make sure to dry it off and voilà – enjoy a warm, cosy home.

Tip 3: Clean your windows for more sunlight! 

The winter months can often be dark and dreary, which makes it all the more important to make sure you get in as much light as possible when the sun is shining. Pollen, dust and last summer’s memories need to be wiped off – we know it’s hard! Grab a wet cloth, clean the frame first, then the window itself. Follow the s-shape when cleaning the windows to make sure you capture all of the dirt. Afterwards, you need to be fast: dry everything off with kitchen cloth immediately after to avoid water stains. No-one likes streaky windows! 

Tip 4: Make sure your fireplace is cosy and secure. 

Nothing better than a cosy fireplace in winter, right? You should however, not overlook safety measures. It’s really important to make sure your smoke alarms are working and in good order to quickly alert you to any danger. In addition, before you use your fireplace the first time this year, make sure it’s working properly and clean! It might be worth ordering a chimney sweep to clean and check the chimney. In summer, dirt can accumulate – and sometimes animals can nest there!

Tip 5: Get the dust out of the carpet! 

Did you know that most of the dust in our homes is in the carpets? And guess what… every time you step on the carpet all this dust is thrown up into the air. To really be able to enjoy the warm and soft feeling underneath your feet in winter, make sure you clean your carpets thoroughly. Larger carpets or rugs should be shaken outdoors over a fence at least two to four times a year. Handy tip – ever fancied yourself as a tennis player? Well, use a tennis racket to beat the rug or carpet! 

Tip 6: Now that you see them clean your curtains and shutters!

During summer, when you keep your windows open, everything settles in your curtains: from pollen to traffic fumes. We recommend cleaning the curtains at least twice a year – your winter clean is the perfect time! Most curtains can just be washed in a washing machine at 30 degree Celsius. Extra tip: Hang the curtains when they’re still wet. This way they don’t get crinkly. 

Tip 7: Germs, where are you hiding? 

There’s plenty of areas around the house that we touch all the time – but never clean. Various germs can be found on the remote control, the light switch or the door handles. Viruses survive on them for up to 24 hours, long-lasting viruses even for several weeks! Therefore, clean these objects often and properly, using disinfectant or vinegar-based cleaning agents. Especially in current times, you want to pay extra special attention to hygiene in your home! 

Tip 8: To really make sure your house is cosy, clean your blankets and pillows! 

We hate to tell you this but dead skin, grease and bodily fluids fall on to and absorb into your blankets and pillows. So, to really enjoy wrapping yourself in your favourite blanket after a long, exhausting winter day, you want to make sure it’s all properly cleaned! Don’t worry, it’s easy to do. Just put them in the washing machine. Always wash duvets and pillows separately at 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, depending on the product. Extra tip: add a tennis ball to make sure the feathers don’t stick together. We promise sleep is much better covered in clean blankets.

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