Which city is cleaning up? Find out the world's cleanest cities…

Here at Hassle.com, we (unsurprisingly) love things nice and clean! There’s a feeling of pride when your house shines and sparkles, and we’re proud that our fantastic Hassle.com cleaners help make that happen for you!


It got us thinking too about the things we’re proud to see shine, like the cities we live in (hey, nobody wants to live in a dirty city, right?). We got to chatting at Hassle HQ about some of the cleanest places we’ve visited before, and we’ve turned that into our latest infographic; “The Cleanest cities around the world”.

See if your city makes the list!


 There you have it folks – the cleanest and shiniest cities in the world – not a speck of dust amongst them! Think your city should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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