The world's most famous cleaners

It’s been said before that cleaning doesn’t have a reputation as the most glamorous job in the world, as cleaners usually let their own amazing work take the spotlight.

Nevertheless, we’ve been racking our brains here at Hassle HQ to create a list of all the most famous cleaners – both real and fictional – who can rightfully claim to be the world’s (Okay…and intergalactic) most famous cleaners.

Monica Gellar 

Could she *BE* any better at cleaning? While Monica may have been a chef by profession, it’s clear to anyone that has seen a single episode of Friends (so, that’s all of us, then) that cleaning was her one true love. Knowing that her roommate/husband could never reach her lofty standards she lived by the phrase ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.’

In fact, Monica was so averse to dirt she even used a handheld vacuum to suck up the dirt from her main vacuum cleaner (if only she had an even smaller one to clean the handheld). Pretty nifty / obsessive trick there Monica.


However, while Monica portrayed herself as the cleanest and tidiest woman in New York she had a terrible secret that proved she was just like the majority of us mess hiders: a closet bursting with junk.

Mary Poppins

Ok, so technically Mary Poppins is a nanny and not a cleaner – and is a little bit magic – but Ms. Poppins taught us that cleaning is fun if you whistle while you do it (We’re not sure this is backed up by scientific proof, but we do tend to agree with her).

Despite liking things clean, she doesn’t mind occasionally getting a bit dirty if it’s to help her chimney-sweeping friend Bert. Top tip: if it’s a clean and tidy room you’re after it’s best to ignore the film – spend less time clicking your fingers at things and more time putting them away.

Rosie (The Jetsons)

Rosie the robot (model XB-500) may wear a traditional maid’s outfit and sport an old school feather duster, but her cleaning methods are totally futuristic. Loved by the Jetsons not just for her speedy cleaning but also her (metaphorically) warm heart, Rosie was the original and best cleaning robot.


Note: Rosie from the Jetsons is definitely not to be confused with Rosie the Robot Maid from Futurama, who was admitted to an asylum for criminally insane robots after killing Astro the dog and Elroy.


You might think that cleaning can be a solitary job, but until you’re the last remaining robot on earth, trash compacting day after day with no end in sight, you’re in no position to complain. Not just a cleaner, WALL-E met the lovely Eva *and* saved planet Earth. That’s pretty good going in our books.

walleKim & Aggie

Have you ever seen a home and thought ‘this place is so filthy it’s simply beyond hope’? Because Kim and Aggie, stars of the 2003-2009 hit Channel 4 show How Clean Is Your House?, certainly haven’t.

kim & aggie

While it’s fair to say that a large part of the show’s appeal was the voyeuristic opportunity to take a look inside some of Britain’s dirtiest homes, there was a lot more to How Clean Is Your House than simple shock value.

It was packed full of tips on how to take on particularly tough cleaning jobs, and also revealed how a dirty home could affect your health.

Melissa Maker

YouTube star and cleaning expert Melissa Maker has gained a legion of followers by providing honest and upfront reviews for household products along with practical tips for cleaning around the home.

Whether you consider yourself a professional cleaner or you’re a student who finally has to do their own washing up, a browse through the Clean My Space YouTube channel is always informative and strangely entertaining.


Gordon Ramsay

Yeah, ok, fair enough, Gordon Ramsay is much better known for his cooking ability. But have you ever seen an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares? The cleaning job he has to undertake to get the filthiest of working kitchens up to code means he earns an honorary f’ing place on this list.

Did we miss off a world renowned cleaner? Let us know in the comments below!