Top Toilet Picks!

So, today is world toilet day! What better way to celebrate than with a little bit of toilet appreciation?

You may call it a potty, water closet or porcelain throne, to others may refer to it as a reading room, the dunny, or simply just the can. Whatever you call it and whatever your taste, we have a rundown of our top toilet picks.

We’re starting off strong with this sparkalicious little number. It’s the perfect toilet for anyone who’s life motto is, ‘go bling, or go home!’ (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).


This one is perfect for any CEO or business person that feels taking a toilet break shouldn’t mean taking an actual break.



If you know someone that likes to go, on the go, go, then this two wheeler would be perfect.



If you’re a fan of winter sports or know someone that is, then this is the toilet for you! You’ll never have to worry about an ‘offseason’ again.


This secret agent style toilet can detect when you’ve left the bathroom and will do you the courtesy of closing it for you! Perfect for any wannabe agent, they’ll only have to worry about coming up with a suitable nickname



No toilet appreciation blog would be complete without paying homage to some beautifully designed rolls of toilet paper…