Up your mug game!

Here at Hassle.com, we’re on a mission to ditch the boring mugs and start showing off your personality with the perfect creative mug!

Maybe these mugs will help you up your mug game, maybe they’ll put a smile on your face..either way, let’s throw a bit of personality in with that bucket of caffeine and really get your co-workers heads turning.

We’ve already done half the hard work for you. What can we say, we can’t help but try to take the Hassle.com out of everything!

The biscuit-muncher


We’ve got the perfect mug for the cookie monster in the office / that person trying to take more biscuits back to their desk than they can carry (we’ve all done it!). 

Want to upgrade your mug to cookie mug, buy it here

The tough flower


You might be drinking a flowery hibiscus herbal tea, you can still look pretty badass with a jaws-style tea infuser. Up your game here

For the ‘serious on the outside’ person


Sure, you give off the serious look from the outside, but little do they investors know what’s going on inside that mug. Up your mug game here

The #NoFilter lover

Photojojo Canon Lens Cup
This mug is the for the budding photographer in the office… of course with this mug it’s mandatory to take a snap of your coffee. Then upload to Instagram. Then you can enjoy your drink! Get your #NoFilter mug here

The ugly travel gift mug

*Shudder*, you were probably given this mug by a loved one, friend or (most likely) enemy. This mug has been brought it into work, in the hope that someone would break it, so you can finally bin it! 
You know it’s going to survive for years! “Treat” your friend to this mug here

The hangover-saver mug!


Shhh! This mug is for the person who’s suffering! Don’t make any loud noises near them, last night probably got a little bit out of hand…and this coffee is trying to combat all the tequilla. Beat the hangover here

The awkward secret Santa gift mug


This mug is the outcome of an office secret Santa exchange…and makes for some awkward meetings when external folks come to visit! Brave enough to up your game? Get it here

The Nostalgia Mug!


Sure, they may have split up 10 years ago…but there’s no denying that “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” still deserves to be on your Spotify playlist!

Disclaimer: Hassle HQ has its very own Backstreet Boys mug and yes, there’s a fastest finger first battle every morning to get it! ‘Quit playing games’ with your mugs, buy this mug here and be ‘Larger than life

The ‘Give me a minute’ mug

For anyone who needs that caffeine fix to function in the morning, this mug lets everyone know when you’ve woken up properly! Up your game and start your mornings off right with this mug

We hope you’ve found mug-spiration (that’s a thing, right?!) to help raise your mug game in the morning. Nothing beats a strong mug game, so stand out with something awesome… got a personal favourite already? Share it with us on Twitter @Hassle.

Let’s start a mug revolution to beat the Monday blues!