Want to change a booking? Easy peasy!

We’re always looking for ways to make your lives easier.

A little while back, we asked you all what would make your Hassle.com experience that little bit better – and you had some (really) great ideas. One issue that we heard a lot, was how annoying it was when you wanted to change all your upcoming bookings. If you haven’t been through the struggle of trying to change all your bookings before then you are one of the lucky ones. Trust us.

To everyone who has gone through it, we’re sorry! So we’ve fixed it. Now when you log in, instead of having to click on every single booking and change them one at a time for *all* future bookings – see we told you it was a headache – you can do it in a few simple steps.

1) Simply log into your account and click on ‘My Bookings‘, then click on your cleaners name and select ‘Change all bookings‘ and you’ll see this screen:


2) Then you can change the day, regularity or time of your bookings (or all 3) to your new preference. Finally, you can review your changes before finishing and you’ll see this screen:Step2

3) Just click ‘send my request to my cleaner‘ and ta-dah! We’ll send your cleaner the changes and then let you know if your cleaner is able to accept the booking.


There you have it! We hope it helps (and saves you lots of time in the future!). We’re always looking to get better and improve Hassle.com for you; we love hearing your thoughts on what could give you a better experience. Got an idea for us? Let us know in the comments below…we’re all ears.