We're celebrating the launch of our Hassle.com Blog!

Today marks a very exciting day for us here at Hassle.com because it’s the official launch of our *pause for  dramatic effect* brand new blog. Yay!

We were going to throw a bit of a shindig to mark the occasion: think clowns, parades and a fireworks display – but it turns out that most people aren’t fans of clowns, parades are a nightmare to organise in a city and fireworks during the day aren’t that spectacular…so we settled on getting some cake for the team instead (because you can’t have a celebration without cake!).


Wiggles the Caterpillar cake

The Hassle.com blog is where you’ll find out about what we get up to at Hassle HQ, where we’ll share stories about the team that make it all happen and it’s a place where you can get to know our amazing cleaners too!


Meet Alba – keep your eyes peeled for her story over the next few weeks.

But that’s not all! We’ll also be sharing stories about our great customers and what you get up to with the free time your Hassle.com cleaner helps give you back. Want inspiration on how to spend your time now that we’re taking care of the cleaning for you? You’re in the right place! Want life hacks to help productivity? We’ve got you covered.

Got ideas? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below what you’d love to read about.