We've got a Christmas wrapping hack for you!

Okay, Christmas is only a couple of days away. It’s probably snuck up on you a little bit (even though you know it’s coming), and now you’ve only got a few days to get through the mammoth, time consuming Christmas present wrapping debacle.

Don’t worry, we’re right there with you! It’s one of those tasks that always seems like it will only take an hour or so but then *fast forward* 4 hours, a whole load of tape later and you’re trying to make that huge present somehow squeeze into the scraps of wrapping paper you have left…we feel your pain.

But the smart folks over at Buzzfeed have created a whole load of hacks to make your wrapping task that little bit easier (and a your presents look even fancier!). No matter if you’re going simple or all out creative, you’re covered.

With a bit of brown paper and some twine, you’ve got some easy, no fuss wrapping paper.


Want to spruce up a gift box? Draw some little faces on it to make it stand out.


Who doesn’t love a little puzzle?! One thing to note, in a Christmas Day unwrapping frenzy, they may not spend too long trying to solve the puzzles!


Wrap some presents in your old clothes? Well…you need to make room for all any new clothes you get this Christmas, right?!


Head here to see the rest of these tips. Of course, if you’re just here to pick up tips on how to become the Speedy Gonzales of wrapping, you’re in the right place. Check this video out below or go here to see the full explanation!

Note: If anyone can wrap a present this quickly/well, let us know…we’re failing miserably at it!