We've joined forces with Helpling to create Europe's first 'Super startup'

We’ve got exciting news to share today; we’re really pleased to announce that we are joining forces with Helpling to make it even easier for you to find and book, trusted and professional, local cleaners — wherever in the world you are!

Both Hassle.com and Helpling enable customers to book a local, vetted cleaner online or via a smartphone app. This means people like you no longer have to search through classified ads or ask their friends for recommendations. Consumers can now find a local cleaner they trust online and within just a few clicks.

Hassle.com pioneered this business since its inception in December 2012 and building a loyal user base across London, Dublin, Paris, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and other cities has been integral to our growth. Together with Helpling we’ll be doing this on an even larger scale.

Our CEO, Alex Depledge said today:

“It takes maturity to recognise the strengths of your competitors and even more to acknowledge your similarities. With the Helpling founders, Ben and Philip, we saw that we were totally aligned on our vision to build world-beating home services marketplace, while both our companies had figured out different parts of the puzzle to get us there. Once we understood these relative strengths and shared values, this deal became a no brainer.“

“This is a unique moment for the European tech scene. With this deal, we have a European super startup with broader scale, better funding and a more sophisticated product than their US competitor. The story has always been, how can European startups defend against US entries, now that narrative is completely flipped on its head”

You can read the full press release about our announcement here

Our law firm Temple Bright advised both the founders of Hassle.com together with its lead investor Accel Partners. Our Temple Bright corporate partner Nadim Zaman said: “It’s a privilege to act for the founders and Accel Partners. This was M&A at pace and a great team effort from start to closing. The result is a significant milestone in the global on-demand home services market.”

Finally, we also wanted to let you — our customers — know that as ever we’ll still be working our very hardest to find you the very best cleaners in your local are free up your time!