What Christmas film *should* you watch today?

Christmas is officially just a day away (yay!). We hope you’re all ready for the big day and have your presents wrapped, food planned and mince pies ready to be eaten!

Christmas eve is the day for relaxing, eating a lot of cheese and crackers and binge-watching Christmas films right? Right!

But how do you pick the perfect Christmas film to watch first? It’s a toughie. You can go old school with “It’s a wonderful life”, watch Kevin take on the ‘wet bandits’ in “Home Alone” or watch Buddy be a cotton-headed-ninnymuggins in “Elf”. If you need a hand deciding…this flowchart from Lemonly may just save the day!

so-you-want-to-watch-a-holiday-movie--flowchart_50cb6d0a141c9Or just make your way through the full list, that idea has our full support. Enjoy!