What's better than food? Christmas food, of course!

Sure we all love Christmas trees, Christmas carols and snowmen…but what we all *really* love most is Christmas food, right?!

Everyone knows that when you’re hosting Christmas (or even just helping make Christmas dinner), it can be a teeny bit stressful – but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got some creative creations, some sneaky shortcuts and some ingenious ideas to take some of that stress out, free up some of your time and help you become the envy of all your guests.

Check out some delicious Christmas treats below (for the rest, check out this fantastic Buzzfeed article here). Try not to get too hungry….good luck with that!

1) Want to fancy up your centrepiece this Christmas day? Use candy canes or Christmassy sweets to add a little twist


2) Use cookie cutters to make (amazing!) Christmas shaped brownies


3) Try some little Christmassy marshmallow treats


4) Use burners to make your own marshmallow bar (if you don’t have burners…some tealights. You may just have to be a little more patient though!)


5) If you can avoid eating them all as you go, you can make Christmas lights with M&Ms, Skittles etc. Though can you really manage to make these without eating them all first? We’re skeptical.


6) Impress everyone with your uber-fancy hot chocolate! The recipe is here


7) Two words: Santa strawberries!


8) Make tiny ‘elf doughnuts’ from Cheerios for your mini guests!


Has Christmas every looked this good before? We’re not sure! All we know is that we’ll be giving Santa a run for his money in the ’round and jolly’ department this year! Only 9 days to go….