Why I love Hassle.com

A few weeks ago I interviewed Simret; Hassle.com cleaner and winner of our much coveted ‘Cleaner of the Month’ prize.

When I asked her why she loved working with Hassle.com as a self-employed cleaner, she told me it was because working with us allowed her to free up her own time as a wife and mother to spend more time doing the things that really matter – spending quality time with her family.

I ask this question to many of our cleaners and we usually get very similar answers. Whether you’re a housewife, a student, a doctor or even an opera singer, working with Hassle.com allows our cleaners to build their work around their schedules and not the other way around. Work to live, not live to work, right? That’s one of the reason’s I love working for this tech-start-up.


When I began working as a recruiter for Hassle.com back in July 2014, I was genuinely struck by the great amount of creativity and dare I say it… fun that goes into making a business such as ours work.


Every day I meet cleaners from all over, from so many backgrounds and walks of life. Independent individuals all looking to take charge of their own working lives by becoming their own boss! Working in such an environment really taught me a lot about the values of working towards a common goal.

As a team, we can all safely say that we’re definitely an odd mix of people, but somehow it just works. As we spend so much time working together, we’ve become a family of sorts, sharing in our achievements and celebrations whilst also giving each other encouragement when we need it. Plus the snacks aren’t too bad either!

I definitely don’t know what to expect from the coming week, when I sit down at my desk with my coffee at 9 o’clock on a Monday morning at Hassle HQ but what I can say it’s always exciting, always interesting and definitely worth getting out of bed for!

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