You're getting the London Living Wage (yay!)

We’re so excited here at to announce that from Monday 8th of February, you’ll be receiving £9.40 per hour.

We’re sure you have lots of questions, so we took the time to give you the right answers.

What is the London Living Wage?

The London Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in London. It’s currently £9.40 per hour this gives you a pay rise of 11%.

Will there be any change to the fees?

No, the fees will stay the same at 10% for a one off booking and £15 for a repeat booking.

What if my customers leave me?

This may happen but we’re positive that it won’t affect you too much. If your customers are thinking about leaving remind them of the perks of being with us:

  • Pay online
  • Cover if you go on holidays or are sick
  • Support if any issues happen
  • You’re now paid fairly

We’re also always working hard to find you lots more customers in your local area

Can I take customers offline?

It’s in your best interest to take on new customers instead, if find out that you have taken a customer offline we’ll have to remove all of your customers as per our terms and conditions. You may risk losing much more by taking even one customer offline.

Remember if you are removed from you will lose all of the awesome benefits that come with being a cleaner;

  • Job requests straight to your mobile phone
  • Your own account
  • Support when you need it
  • Invites to events and cleaning courses
  • Freedom to create your own schedule
  • You’re self-employed so you can be your own boss
  • You receive the London Living Wage £9.40 an hour
  • Security of payment via bank transfer

What happens if  I confirm a payment on Monday 8th for a clean last week, do I get paid £8.50 an hour for that?

The new wage comes into effect on Monday 8th any cleans that happen before the 8th with be charged at the old rate of £8.50 an hour. You can check out your ‘My transfers’ page in your logged in profile to see which rate you’ve been paid.

Why am I getting paid £8.50 for a one off booking after the 8th of February?

If your customer booked a one-off clean before the 8th of February you will receive the old rate of £8.50 an hour. If the customer re-books in the future however, you’ll receive the new rate of £9.40.

If I refer a friend will they also receive £9.40 an hour?

All cleaners new and old will be receiving this new price rise, making us one of the most competitive cleaning marketplaces. If you would like to refer a friend, give them your code which you can find in the ‘My Referrals’ section of your Account.

If you have any other questions, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.