6 Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home

6 Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have At Home

Do you often find yourself reaching for the tough stuff when cleaning? Did you know cleaning chemicals often find their way into our waters which can have disastrous effects on our wildlife? Swapping your chemical cleaners with natural remedies does not only reduce your environmental footprint, it’s also way cheaper. Plus, you’ll probably find everything you need in your household already! Helpling, the marketplace where customers can connect with cleaners, has broken down the best natural ingredients for a thorough house clean, which is what we all need now for spring.

The all-rounder: vinegar
Vinegar is a true all-rounder for your spring cleaning! Helpling recommends: “vinegar’s natural acidity is perfect for cleaning your faucet and shower.” Did you know that you can also use vinegar as a disinfectant? However, it is important to use vinegar essence with at least 25% acetic acid, as this is effective against almost all types of bacteria, viruses and even mould!

A clean bath tap and shower head.

The universal remedy: baking powder/soda
Baking soda is particularly suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils and can give yours a new shine this spring. “The reaction of baking soda and fat creates soap,” explains Helpling. Baking soda therefore helps to dissolve grease effectively in an environmentally friendly way! 

Baking soda used to clean kitchen utensils.

The secret weapon: black tea
Not only the perfect drink in the afternoon, but also a real secret weapon for spring cleaning. Helpling explains why black tea is great for cleaning windows: “Black tea contains tannins that help dissolve grease.” Boil a cup of tea with two bags, add the tea to the cleaning water and then proceed to clean the window as usual. Important: wipe quickly with a dry cloth to avoid watermarks to ensure you get all the sunshine into your home this spring! 

Two tea bags in a clear mug on a table.

The miracle cure: lemon juice
Your spring cleaning should not be without this miracle product: lemon juice. “Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to one litre of water. With this solution, you can descale your kettle, egg boiler or coffee machine in no time at all,” explains Helpling. Alternatively, lemon juice can also be used to clean the microwave. Put a glass of water with some lemon juice in the microwave on the highest setting. The mixture will evaporate and soften the dirt making it extremely easy to wipe down.

Two lemon slices in water.

The hidden gem: coffee
If you take a break with a cup of coffee during your spring cleaning, be sure to save the coffee grounds! Coffee grounds are great for polishing up small scratches on wooden furniture. Slightly moisten the coffee grounds and apply them with a cotton bud or sponge. Helpling also has this coffee grounds tip: “If you like the smell of fresh coffee, use coffee grounds as an air freshener for your living room – it’s so much more environmentally friendly than the chemical alternatives!”

Fresh coffee grounds for cleaning.

The surprise: potato peels
One of the most surprising home remedies for spring cleaning has to be potato peels! These are perfect for cleaning mirrors and fittings. Why? “The starch contained in potato peels has a cleaning effect and dissolves grease and dirt from the surface,” explains Helpling.

A pile of peeled potatoes.