5 Things To Do In London This May Bank Holiday

5 Things To Do In London This May Bank Holiday

Who doesn’t love a bank holiday, and with two long weekends May might just be our favourite month! Here at Helpling, we want you to have more time to do the stuff you love. So instead of staying in to clean your home this bank holiday weekend, use Helpling to find yourself a five-star cleaner to do the job for you. Our first bank holiday weekend is just around the corner, so to give you some inspiration on how to spend it, we’ve compiled a list of five things you could do in our capital. 

Venture Outside

Did you know that 47% of London consists of green space?! With spring in full bloom and the weather getting warmer, this bank holiday is the perfect time to go out and explore some of London’s many parks.

If you’re in central London you’ve got to visit London’s most famous park! Hyde Park is the largest of the four royal parks in central London, meaning there’s plenty to see. We recommend renting a bike to ensure you get to see Hyde Park’s impressive 4,000 trees, lake, meadow, and ornamental flower gardens!

For west London you can’t get any better than Richmond Park. Richmond Park gives you the feeling of being in the countryside with its gorgeously green 2,500 acres. It’s also home to a large flock of free-roaming deer! 

Battersea Park is a must if you’re in south London. It’s home to intricate fountains, the tranquil Peace Pagoda and even zoo animals! There are some great cycling and jogging routes to choose from as well. 

If you’re in north London, give Hampstead Heath a visit. This expansive green space is home to one of the highest views of London, so if you’re a sucker for a nice skyline Hampstead Heath has to be the park for you. It’s also got plenty to explore, we’re talking woodlands, playgrounds, a running track and even a lido! 

Finally, for east London we’d recommend a trip to Victoria Park. One of London’s most popular parks, it hosts approximately nine million visitors every year. The park contains plenty of options for recreation, so whether you’re a tennis, football, bowling or cricket fan there’s plenty for you to get involved with.

Pink blossom trees in a green London park.

Find The Best Coffee In The Capital

One of the biggest debates in current years is who makes the best coffee, and when it comes to coffee, London has a lot of options to choose from! We recommend starting locally and with the year hospitality has just had, it’s the perfect time to support your small local businesses! Make a list of some of the coffee shops in your local area and use this bank holiday weekend as an opportunity to walk around and sample a few. You might also want to order some decaffs depending on what your caffeine tolerance is like! 

Barista doing latte art on a coffee in a white mug.

Learn A New Skill

We’ve all had that Monday morning feeling when you feel like the weekend went by way too quickly and you didn’t really achieve anything. London is obsessed with innovation, and as you have another day off this weekend, why not use the extra time to pick up that hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe it’s learning an instrument or possibly learning a new language, whatever you choose make sure it’s something you’re interested in as you’re more likely to stick with it! 

Woman in white shirt playing an electric guitar.

Visit A Food Market

If you’re a foodie, why not use the bank holiday weekend to visit a food market. It’s a great way to try lots of new foods at once – one minute you might be eating dumplings and the next a big slice of pizza! Some great options include Spitalfields Market, Pop Brixton, Borough Market, Camden Market, and Mercato Metropolitano

You don’t always have to go into central London to find food markets though. A quick google search will bring up your local markets in seconds! The great thing about smaller food markets is they are usually cheaper and less busy. 

cakes and donuts on a stand at a food market.

And Relax…

Finally, don’t feel like you have to do anything too wild this bank holiday weekend! It’s been a stressful time recently so it’s always important to give yourself some time to just chill out and practice some self-care. Whether that’s running yourself a bubble bath and doing a face mask, or having a bed day to watch your favourite Netflix series. Just because we have any extra day off work, don’t feel pressured to do anything out of the ordinary. If you want to spend your bank holiday weekend chilling out, no one is judging you! It’s your bank holiday after all, so spend it how you want to.

Two cute dogs asleep in a bed.