5 Tips To Visually Enlarge Your Living Room

5 Tips To Visually Enlarge Your Living Room

What are the basic rules and tips to make your small living room the most spacious? Find out how you can gain square metres without having to renovate a room or even move! There are a few simple tips that anyone can use to make a living room visually larger and Helpling is sharing them with you today.

1) Light colours

Let’s start with the simplest tip of all and the most effective: use light colours. There is a consensus that white visually enlarges a room, but it is not the only shade to have this magical power. Other shades also have this special effect! Choose cool colours or pastels for your living room, so that the room will be brighter and appear more spacious. Dark colours have the opposite effect, so opt for blue, green or touches of yellow.

Of course, don’t hesitate to use warmer colours to liven up your decor and create a warm atmosphere.

2) Floor covering

After choosing bright colours for your walls, opt for darker colours for your floor covering. Indulge yourself by sublimating your room with black parquet or tiles, favouring large tiles that visually enlarge the space. Creating this contrast will give the illusion of a higher ceiling and depth to the space. It will also enhance the space.

3) Optimal Lighting

Here is an element of extreme importance, regardless of the room – we are talking about lighting of course. A room with optimal lighting will appear more spacious than a dark room. A large amount of natural light is clearly an advantage, otherwise plan for different light sources. You can also opt for wall lamps that will increase the volume of the living room.

4) Practical furniture

Clearing out the clutter in a room obviously helps to make it bigger! So say goodbye to over the top furniture and adopt the Scandinavian style to keep only the bare minimum! Organise your space clearly to facilitate circulation. Choose a large storage unit to hold your various objects. Choose practical furniture such as convertible sofas and folding tables that are undeniably suitable for small spaces.

5) Adding mirrors

Invest in a mirror that, when placed in front of a large bay window for example, will enlarge the space of your living room. By reflecting the light, it will give the space an illusion of grandeur. By hanging it on a wall, you will also extend the room.

So what are you waiting for?