5 Ways To Keep The Holiday Feeling Alive – Even At Home!

5 Ways To Keep The Holiday Feeling Alive – Even At Home!

The end of a holiday doesn’t have to mean the end of that wonderful holiday feeling. With a little help, imagination, and improvisation you can stay in that happy vacation mood even when you’ve arrived home. To prevent you from going straight back into stress mode when your holiday is over, follow our five simple tips to keep you relaxed and keep those dreaded holiday blues at bay!


We know it might sound silly at first, but just pretend you’re still in sunny Spain or gorgeous Greece! Postpone all holiday laundry for a few more days and don’t rush to have dinner on the table at six o’clock sharp. Speaking of food: don’t go straight back to your usual dishes, make something you tried when you were away. We’re talking pasta, paella, or even tapas. Your tastebuds will trick you into thinking you’re still living it up in the sun!

Fill your agenda

Keep doing fun things to avoid those holiday blues! Visit the museum, a good restaurant or local market – just like you would if you were away on holiday. Being a tourist in your own city is highly underrated and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just google free things to do in your area and a plethora of results will pop up.

Helping hands

Your home is not a hotel, although children often think so! But as parents, you really don’t have to do everything yourself when it comes to housework. Have your little ones help around the house, to help preserve that holiday feeling a little longer. From the age of four, children can do small tasks like making their beds, tidying toys away, or setting the table. Another great idea is to work with a reward system. Give each household task a sticker and agree on the reward your child will receive when the card is full – success guaranteed! It means you aren’t lumbered with all the chores again and chores definitely don’t evoke feelings of relaxation.

Spend a little money, to free up some me time

We know time often costs money, but that time can make us a lot happier, especially when spent doing the things we love. That’s why we don’t mind spending money on a holiday right?! To continue that holiday feeling at home, get your groceries delivered, order a takeaway for dinner or even book a cleaner through Helpling! What can you do with that extra time? You could go to the beach, have cocktails on the terrace or meet up with your friends. You’d almost think you were still on holiday!

Look back and take in all of the good memories

Looking back on a holiday creates happiness in daily life – even the scientists agree! So what’s the best way to go about it? Start a scrapbook, hang holiday photos in your home, or reminisce with the kids. What also helps is walking around the house in flip flops or wearing that cute summer dress you bought specifically for Italy – chances are that delicious holiday smell is still on it!

Finally: book a new holiday! And until then? Try and hold onto that holiday feeling by following the above suggestions.