4 Easy Ways To Avoid Ironing For Good

4 Easy Ways To Avoid Ironing For Good

Have you ever heard someone say that they feel like spending an evening ironing? No, neither have we. It takes a long time, it’s boring and after a few days, you have to do it all over again. In short, a lot of effort for little result. So it’s high time to put away the ironing board and tackle ironing more efficiently. Below are our four methods so you can say goodbye to your ‘beloved’ iron for good.

1. Use the steam from the shower

Super handy for getting last-minute wrinkles out of your clothes! All you have to do is hang the garment close to the shower, close windows and doors and get in the shower. The steam will remove the wrinkles within ten minutes and you can start your day fresh and wrinkle-free!

2. A little water works wonders

A handy tip for de-wrinkling your clothes overnight. Take the wrinkled garment and spray a little water on the wrinkled areas with a spray bottle. Be careful not to use too much water, though! Then hang the garment out, let it dry completely overnight and the wrinkles will be gone!

3. Straighteners are not only for your hair

Okay okay, it does look a bit like ironing, but make no mistake, with a flat iron you can quickly and tactically remove wrinkles from your clothes. Is the collar of your blouse wrinkled? Grab your flat iron and smooth it out! Just make sure your straighteners are clean before you start to avoid stains.

4.  Never iron again by using the dryer

Like the first tip, this one is ideal for making your clothes wrinkle-free quickly. Spray the garment with water using a spray bottle to make it slightly damp and throw it in the dryer. After a few minutes, your clothing is ready to be worn! Put it on immediately to prevent new wrinkles.

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